With the nature of work changing at a rapid pace, planning your future could be overwhelming.

Career designing is emerging as an answer to such complicated questions. It aims at devising a structured plan for you to craft your way up the ladder, enhance your skills and help you grow.

Consistent growth is the end result of an individual’s interest and passion for his/her job along with opportunities. Sadly, a majority of us have landed up in a career we have no passion for. There are various reasons behind it – we either do not know what we must do or how to do it. This uncertainty leads to dissatisfaction.

Broadly categorized the major reasons that lead to job transition or failure are:

Job dissatisfaction: When you feel your present job isn’t fulfilling.

A majority of people are in their respective jobs due to the qualification and not because they are passionate about their work. Finding a dream job that makes you happy and motivates you is very difficult if not impossible. Many people do not have the luck to pursue their passion and unwillingly do jobs which do not appeal to them. This dissatisfaction could cause stress and poor performance and also, may lead to social stigma.

But there are measures to combat such situations. You may choose to continue working in your present job and craft your way to satisfaction and sense of purpose. Alternatively, you may learn, enhance your skills and find relevant opportunities that help you grow in a different but promising direction.

A successful career is long term and promising. Another major factor that leads to job transitioning is the fear of missing out in the future.

Future prospects: When you feel an alternate career is the only way to sustain.

10 years from now, how do you think technology will impact your job – Displace it or Replace it?

According to research, the Office of National Statistics(UK) forecasts that automation will impact over 1 million jobs in England alone(overall 7.4 % of all jobs in the UK). Some see it as a threat and fear to lose their jobs while others believe that technology is going to change the nature of work but not replace us. PwC in one of its press release revealed that AI and allied technologies may displace as many as 7 million jobs, but around 7.2 million could be created (in the UK alone, imagine the impact at a larger scale.)

The question is: Are you equipped to face this shift? What is your survival plan?

Considering that core industries are the front runners to adopt AI, you think your job will continue to grow?

If you believe this article the banking and financial sector is investing multiple folds into AI. Automation is set to impact the tens-of-millions of jobs in this sector alone.

How would you embrace yourself for the impact and how to continue your growth prospects even during this shift?

A lot of people wish to switch their jobs and move towards more appealing careers. Data science is one the most sought after careers off late. That’s True! Data science has a lot of prospects, however, which suits who is not an easy task to determine. Also, people often forget that it’s all about uniqueness. AI and its impact may take over routine jobs and redundant tasks but human skills and expertise will always be in demand.

Changing jobs, however urgent it may sound might not be the only solution to sustain in the future. The key assets will always be your command over the domain and your willingness to learning.

The future is always about staying in the game and prepare for what lies ahead.

Career Designing offers you several options to choose what’s best for you. It gives you a sense of purpose and helps you thrive in your endeavour.

What is Career Designing?

Career design is a well scripted, structured framework to help you redefine, evolve, be in charge of your career. It gives you a platform to design your own career and be better equipped for it.

Career design is not only for fresh entrants but also for mid to senior level professionals. The advent of emerging technologies is creating a multitude of new jobs and roles bringing in new dimensions.

right career design
Right Career Design

With the right career design at every stage of career, it is possible for everyone to have a career they are proud of.

So, how does it work?

Career Design Framework

There are 5 stages to a career design exercise:

Career Designing Pyramid
Career Designing Pyramid

Planning: Career design kicks off at the most basic step – where are you right now? This step takes in all the information related to your present nature of work and what is it you truly wish to do with your career?  In short, it is this step that determines the goals for the career you desire.

Fulfilling: Now that there’s an understanding regarding what one wants to pursue, it gets easier to start building the blocks. In this phase, career designing helps you design a plan and takes you a step closer to getting the right job.

Crafting: This is the most important phase of the career design framework. Job crafting helps you explore the opportunities at hand and align your job passionately with values and strengths.

The main objective of job crafting is to help make your life at a job better and become a valuable asset to your team and the organization as a whole.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Discover your passion, values & strengths. Put them down on a paper.

Step 2 – List down all the tasks (with time spent) that you are doing in your job.

Step 3 – Identify what passion, value & strengths gets mapped with each task.

Step 4 – Craft your tasks by allocating more time to tasks that are mapped with your passion, value or strength. Reduce the amount of time spent on other tasks.

Empowering: Career design offers you confidence and flexibility to achieve your desired milestones. Thus, empowering you to face the challenges, fears, stay committed and move forward.

Growing: The most crucial aspect to a career is the passion for growth. A growth mindset and willingness to lifelong learning is what reserves your spot in the future and help you achieve success.

At Clevered, we are committed to align you with your desires and help you build a fulfilling career with great future prospects.

Our Career Designing tool and program offer a continuous journey where we check your progress and offer well-curated learning paths for you to embark upon. You can choose to work with one of our career mentors to enable and support in this journey.